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Let's Feast

Let's Feast is a web app designed with cooking enthusiasts and professionals in mind. It allows users to catalogue and organise their recipes. The web app leverages Google OAuth 2.0 for quick and easy authentication flows through NextAuth. Users can take advantage of Markdown to format their recipes.



Explore the world like a local with this travel app! With the help of our community of fellow travellers, you'll discover the best hidden gems and local hotspots. From unique restaurants to breathtaking scenic spots, our app helps you find the ultimate travel experiences. Join the adventure and start discovering today!


Hair By A

A static site landing page designed and built for a fashion brand selling hair pieces.

GatsbyJSStyled Components

Snake Game

This is a web-based snake game in JavaScript. I chose this project to improve my understanding of how vanilla JavaScript refreshes rendered content and how to manually control this to implement something like a game engine.


Java Notepad

A simple, lightweight text editor is a programmer's best friend. The basic functionality of the text editor must allow a user to open a new text file, save a new text file, update an existing file, or open a file from the device.



The app allows a user to register an account and view all the available movies in the database. A user can customize their reservation by picking a location, watch time, day, and a seat.

React NativeGraphQLMongoDB

Country Query

This is a simple website for finding out information about different countries around the world. It uses the REST Countries API to retrieve details like country name, capital city, region, population, currency, flag, and more.


Twitch UI

I built the UI for the Twitch live-streaming site using NextJS and Tailwind CSS. Working authentication is implemented using NextAuth allowing users to log in with a Google or Github account.

NextJSTailWind CSS
Buy Me a Coffee

"For the things we must learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them."

- Aristotle -

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